6 Best Places to Live in Honduras

When we asked expats living in Honduras to offer newcomers advice about the best places to live in Honduras, they offered several great suggestions. Here are the 6 best places to live in Honduras:


Pictured Above
Population: approximately 100,000
Island Size: 32 square miles
Climate: Tropical climate with highs in the mid to upper 80s most days
Location: 30 miles offshore

There are three primary Bay Islands in Honduras: Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. Roatan is the most well known. “I believe that Roatan, Honduras would be a great place for you to land to retire. English is spoken here even though Spanish is getting to be more spoken than English. And the reef is very close here to the shore and easy to swim to in a couple of minutes as there is no boat ride necessary to get to the reef. And retirees can get a residency easily,” advised one expat.

“Roatan—is an island, well, a utopia rather, off the mainland of Honduras. We have been there many times to visit. On our last cruise, we were able to set up an appointment with a realtor due to previous planning who was most helpful/personable. She was an expat herself. Roatan has many English speakers, and many ‘comfort amenities’ that an expat would find attractive. One may have to travel to the mainland for some necessities, but Roatan is very much a thriving island/ primarily self-sufficient, and is expanding all the time. The beauty of this place cannot be put into words. I would definitely encourage you to check it out,” added another expat.

“We personally have fallen in love with Roatan. We were there in July and it was not overly hot. There is usually a breeze , lots of shade. I will say building our home in July heat was at times sweltering but I am sure that is the case most anywhere in July. We are all in with our retirement from the states, transferring our assets to where we want to be rather than hoping there will be retirement money left when we are ready for it. There is a great expat community and the island is very safe compared to most of the main land,” said one expat mom.


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